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The ICT firm, capable of providing complete technology solutions for Banking and Financial Institutions.

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'Training results in proficiency'


ICT Management Training:

Taylor made course for industry

Smart Practical Training to give you performance advantage in the corporate environment


Short effective courses in the following areas:

- Project Management: The course in Project Management gives you within 3 full days, the understanding and techniques for managing any type of project.  The course uses case studies and live examples to illustrate the problems associated with badly managed projects.  You will also learn to use Microsoft Project.

Duration : 3 days

- IT Security and Audit: IT Security has now assumed an important specialist area of Information Technology and organizations pay a premium for such skills.  You will be taught the principles and policies governing information protection, Data Integrity and Control in a large installation.

Duration : 1 week

- ICT Service Management: The professional Management of IT or ICT services would determine whether IT becomes an enabler or a headache to any organization.  And yet ICT is more and more becoming a life wire of institutions, private or public.  This course introduces you to sound methodologies and principles of IT Service Management.

Duration: 1 week

- Data Centre Management: . If your organization has a Data Centre, i.e. a central site where Data Integrity, processing and operations are carried out, this is a place for potential chaos within your organization if the techniques for maintaining sanity, data currency, and system availability is not mastered.  This course arms you with all the tools for successfully running a Data Centre for corporate success.

Duration: 1 week

- Change Control Policy & Procedures: A single change in a system at the wrong time could result in a serious disaster in both a large complex system as in a single stand-alone PC.  Therefore system change must be controlled.  There are procedures for ensuring that any change gives the desired beneficial outcome.  There are control tools to use.  We give you these tools and teach you how to use them.

Duration : 3 days

- Measuring to Manage: Management for improvement requires measurement of certain vital data from turn-around time to problem fix time. We teach you how and what to measure.

Duration : 3 days


Trainer Profile:



James Roberts has his earlier professional career in laboratory sciences before moving to Banking and Finance. He holds an honors Degree in Computer Science with Economics from the University of Buckingham , UK . His 14 years in Banking Technology has taken him to Kenya , Zimbabwe , Cameroon , Sierra Leone , Zambia , Nigeria , Ghana , Cote d'Ivoire and Uganda , implementing projects and managing Technology Services for Standard Chartered Bank Africa Region. For 6 years, he was the Area Head of IT for Standard Chartered Bank West Africa, managing 6 countries concurrently.  He finally built a Regional Data Centre in Accra and hubbed all 6 countries into Accra using VSat and Citrix Metaframe distributed computing technology.








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